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Model name Indoor unit (IDU) FTKL71UV16T
Outdoor unit (ODU) RKL71UV16T
Star Rating* 3 Star
Rated Power Supply Phase/Frequency/Voltage 1Ø/50Hz/230V
Power Supply Intake Outdoor unit
Rated Cooling Capacity Full/Half (min.-max.) kW 7.1/3.55 (2.1-7.5)
Btu/h 24200/12100 (7170-25590)
Cooling Capacity @ 43°C % 100%
Rated Power Consumption Full/Half (min.-max.) W 2410/776 (400-2600)
Rated Annual Power Consumption kWh 1372.85
Rated ISEER Wh/Wh 4.00
Voltage Range (Stabilizer Inside) V 130-265
Operating Current A 10.6

Indoor unit (IDU)

Panel Colour White
IDU Dimension (HxWxD) mm 310x1100x239
Package Dimension (HxWxD) 330x1230x385
IDU Net Weight (Gross Weight) kg 12.5 (16.5)
Airflow Rate Feet3/min (cfm) 635
m3/min (cmm) 18
Moisture Removal I/hr (Litres/Hour) 3.3
Operation Sound H/MH/M/ML/L/SL dBA 49/46/44/41/39/32

Outdoor unit (ODU)

ODU Dimension (HxWxD) mm 595x845x300
Package Dimension (HxWxD) 680x1035x410
ODU Net Weight (Gross Weight) kg 36.5 (42)
Compressor Type Swing Compressor
Refrigerant R-32
Breaker size A 20
Piping length Charge-Less 10
Max. Length m 30
Max. Height 20
Piping Connection Gas / Liquid mm (Inch) Ø15.9/Ø6.4 (5/8″/1/4″)
Operating Ambient Temperature Range Cooling (Min-Max) °C DB 20-52