Get the smoothest air conditioning experience with Daikin’s FTKZ50. Embedded with a PM 2.5 Filter, this machine ensures that you get safe and pure air within your house. FTKZ50 is designed with several such features to make your house even more comfortable.



Model name Indoor unit (IDU) FTKZ50UV16U4
Outdoor unit (ODU) RKZ50UV16U4
Star Rating* 5 Star
Rated Power Supply Phase/Frequency/Voltage 1φ 50Hz/230V
Power Supply Intake Outdoor unit
Rated Cooling Capacity Full/Half (min.-max.) kW 5.28/2.64 (1.0~6.0)
Btu/h 18000/9000 (3410~20470)
Cooling Capacity @ 46°C % 100%
Rated Power Consumption Full/Half (min.-max.) W 1290/439 (200-1700)
Rated Annual Power Consumption kWh 756.78
Rated ISEER Wh/Wh 5.40
Voltage Range (Stabilizer Inside) V 140~265
Operating Current A 5.8

Indoor unit (IDU)

Panel Colour White
IDU Dimension (HxWxD) mm 298x885x229
Package Dimension (HxWxD) 375x980x325
IDU Net Weight (Gross Weight) kg 11.5 (14)
Airflow Rate Feet3/min (cfm) 593
m3/min (cmm) 16.8
Moisture Removal l/hr (Litres/Hour) 1.8
Operation Sound H/MH/M/ML/L/SL dBA 47/45/43/37/32

Outdoor unit (ODU)

ODU Dimension (HxWxD) mm 595x845x300
Package Dimension (HxWxD) 680x1035x410
ODU Net Weight (Gross Weight) kg 35.5 (42.5)
Compressor Type Twin Rotary Compressor
Refrigerant R-32
Breaker Size A 20
Piping Length Charge-Less m 10
Max. Length 30
Max. Height 20
Piping Connection Gas / Liquid mm (Inch) φ12.7/φ6.4 (1/2″/1/4″)
Operating Ambient Temperature Range Cooling (Min~Max) °C DB 10~54